Best Relaxing Vacations in the World

by Jane Sophia
best relaxing vacations

Over several years, I have compiled a list of best relaxing vacations in the world where you can hear the sound of silence. I have yearned for best relaxing vacations and quiet getaways where I can find peace and solitude.

More over, I firmly believe in non-violation of privacy wherever you are and especially when you have escaped to a place as an urban getaway.

List of 9 Best Relaxing Vacations in the World

  1. Tosh, India
  2. Kamakura, Japan
  3. Easter Island, Chile
  4. Nevis Island
  5. Cotswolds, England
  6. Koh Kradan, Thailand
  7. Muhu Island, Estonia
  8. Silent Valley, India
  9. Rottnest Island, Australia

In addition, I request you to peruse my list of best relaxing vacations and quiet getaways located in various countries. I have a feeling; you will be very impressed with my list.

9 Best Relaxing Vacations around the World

9 Best Relaxing Vacations in the world to enjoy a relaxing and peaceful holiday. If you know of such a peaceful vacation spot in your country that you want me to add to my list of best relaxing vacations, please don’t restrict yourself.

  1. Tosh, India

Tosh, India

Tosh, India

If you have started reading this article after liking the title image that oozes absolute stillness in a secluded vacation spot, then, I am sure you would like this image also.

This best relaxing vacation is Tosh, a sleepy Himalayan village in India located at a high altitude of nearly 8000 feet!

The nearest big Himalayan town is Kasol at 24 km away. Tosh is located in Parvati Valley where the sacred River Parvati flows.

What can you do in Tosh one of the best relaxing Vacations?

Nothing! Yes, after all, you found out this silent vacation spot not to indulge in adventures but just to relax in peace.

If that is your intention, then, how about another view of Tosh that is given below?

Best Relaxing Vacations Tosh Village

Tosh Village

The railings act as a protective barrier that prevents you from falling over into the gorge abutting the viewpoint.

The scattered chairs are great vantage places to watch the falling snow.

Take a slow walk on the Himalayas, enjoy the sight of high snow-clad peaks such as Pinnacle, Papasura, and White Sail.

  1. Kamakura, Japan

In spite of bustling cities, skyscrapers, and colorfully lit cityscapes, Japan offers numerous relaxing vacation spots.

A fine example of a best relaxing vacations in Japan is Kamakura. This is a pilgrimage center in Japan, located about 50 km from Tokyo.

Kamakura has several shrines but still, the town is rather quiet. I think the visitors are immersed in their own spiritual thoughts.

In and around Kamakura, you can wander through several bamboo forests. I would say they are not forests but groves because the bamboo trees are planted neatly.

Kamakura, Japan

Kamakura, Japan

Kamakura is ideally surrounded on three sides by green mountains and the Sagami Bay is guarding the city’s southern entrance.

The surrounding mountains act as a great escape from Tokyo’s maddeningly fast life.

Best Relaxing Vacations Kamakura


It is all right if you choose to stay in Tokyo. Since Kamakura is just an hour away, you can escape into its calmness as early as 8 am and rejuvenate yourself till lunchtime.

  1. Easter Island (Rapa Nui ), Chile

Easter Island (Rapa Nui ), Chile

Easter Island, Chile

How about relaxing on a faraway island? If you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, don’t you consider it as the best relaxing vacation spot?

As a quiet and peaceful getaway, Easter Island has no match because its location from Chile is a mind-boggling 3500 km!

How about another parameter for finding peace? The nearest island is Pitcairn Island and it is located 2100 km away!

The Easter Island and the Pitcairn Island situated somewhere in the South Pacific Ocean and further, classified under Polynesia Islands.

I felt like escaping to this far-flung Easter Island several times in the past. I know there are hotels in Easter Island as curious visitors like me arrive at Easter Island after a long flight from Santiago, Chile mainly to look at the “Moai” statues.

Best Relaxing Vacations Easter Island

Easter Island

There are resorts and hotels in Easter Island where you can unplug without any intrusion.

Easter Island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  1. Nevis Island, Caribbean

Nevis Island, Caribbean

Nevis Island, Caribbean

The Caribbean Islands are too many but Nevis Island is certainly one of the best relaxing vacations among them.

Nevis Island is not crowded, thus assuring you peace. Just spend limitless time lying on a beach chaise, gaze at the sea, listening to the sound of gently lapping waves.

Stay in one of the several seafront hotels, eat fresh seafood after a glass of the famous Caribbean rum. You will be glad you have found the perfect relaxing vacation spot, south of Florida.

Reaching Nevis Island

Fly from Puerto Rico to St.Kitts, the sibling island of Nevis. Take a ferry to Nevis from St.Kitts, a romantic 45 minutes sea passage that you will love.

  1. Cotswolds, England

Best Relaxing Vacations Cotswolds, England

Cotswolds, England

During your next tour to London, take a weekend off and go to Cotswolds, a typical English village set amidst beautiful hills and Rolling Meadows.

The manors and stone-built inns will meet your expectation of an English countryside where life is slow-paced.

Cotswolds’s natural beauty and relaxed life are recognized and awarded as one of the Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Here is proof of the natural beauty of Cotswolds.



This quiet getaway is located about 135 km from London. I am sure you will find trains from London to Costwolds.

Stroll the streets of laid-back markets and visit nearby villages that ooze peace and more peace.

On a quiet evening, go to Gloucester Cathedral. The architecture is simply awesome.

Best Relaxing Vacations in Gloucester Cathedral

Gloucester Cathedral

Cotswolds is undoubtedly one of the best relaxing vacation spots in England.

English tea and biscuits.

You will find several hotels to stay in Cotswolds but I would suggest you choose to stay in a typical English Inn where you can experience wonderful hospitality that begins with English tea and biscuits.

  1. Koh Kradan, Thailand

Best Relaxing Vacations Koh Kradan, Thailand

Koh Kradan, Thailand

Of Thailand’s many islands and beaches that assure you a relaxing vacation, Koh Kradan considered as the best mainly because more than half of the island’s area is privately owned.

In addition, this Thai island wears a white sand beach, clearly a visitor’s ultimate choice.

Koh Kradan

Koh Kradan

If you are the type of tourist who would pay a hefty price for a quiet getaway, certainly, you would look for an island vacation.

Of course, there are just countless islands in the world but not many of them offer peace and at the same time facilities, amenities, and accessibility to big cities.

The advantages of vacationing in Koh Kradan in Thailand:

  • It is located only about 10 kilometers from the mainland of Thailand.
  • The beach is 10 km long giving you ample space to wander without banging onto another living being.
  • The Reef Resort, however expensive it may be, is your best choice to stay in Koh Kradan. It offers luxurious stay, stunning views of the sea, and excellent hospitality.

Reef Resort

Reef Resort

Reef Resort

Contact number: +66(0)90-067-4400

A few more hotels and resorts are available in Koh Kradan that are less expensive than Reef Resort.

  • Tag along with a local and he will point out to you some of the nearby islands and islets from anywhere on the shore. The neighboring islands that you can see from Koh Kradan are Koh Whan, Koh Cherg, and Koh Libong.
  • There is a jingle that resembles the evergreen Amazon rainforest. A trek through the dense woods will soar your spirits.
  • A lengthy coral reef that you can see close up wearing a scuba diver’s gear or a snorkeling mask.
  1. Muhu Island, Estonia

Best Relaxing Vacations Muhu Island, Estonia

Muhu Island, Estonia

Estonia, a north European country comprises a whopping 2,200 islands and islets! Naturally, many islands are inhabited.

In addition, I believe several islands fit for a relaxing vacation. Muhu Island is my choice for a quiet getaway.

The sight of the Baltic Sea while you go around the island on a horseback is the most relaxing experience.

Mostly, the houses made of wood. And, they surrounded by giant windmills.

Skip any big hotel to stay and choose a glamp, a camp with luxuries.

Enjoy a fairytale ferry ride from Saaremaa (a bigger island that acts as a gateway to Muhu Island) through Väike Strait.

Oh, the island is also linked to Saaremaa Island by a road made of ice in winter. The sea is frozen and a road surfaces revealing a 17 km long ‘ice road.’

The ice road trip experience will be something out of the world.

  1. Silent Valley, India

Silent Valley, India

Silent Valley, India

The name itself says what kind of a place it is. Moreover, the above image speaks for the peace of the place.

The Silent Valley is a National Park in India’s Kerala state. The forest and the rich biodiverse ecology is part of the Nilgiris Bio Reserve.

This evergreen forest enriched by the Kunti River makes it an absolute quiet getaway even though no hotels or any kind of accommodations are made available inside the Silent Valley.

You can either opt to stay in Palakad town that is 56 km away. Else, you can stay in any five-star hotels in Coimbatore city in Tamilnadu. The distance is 65 km via very scenic Anakatti hills.

The stunning natural beauty, the evergreen forest, and the misty western ghats make the Silent Valley a dreamy place in India.

Stay in the nearby cities and plan a day trip to Silent Valley. If you find a place to stay in Anakatti, you can visit the Silent Valley easily and quickly.

  1. Rottnest Island, Australia

Rottnest Island, Australia

Rottnest Island, Australia

Rottenest Island is the favorite of the Aussies who look for a relaxing vacation. Even though Rottnest Island attracts quite a large number of visitors annually, you can still find peace and privacy there.

The star attraction of Rottnest Island is “Quokka”, a short form the wallaby species.

It is classified as ‘Marsupial’ mammal. You may like to know that even the kangaroo is a ‘marsupial’.

For peace-loving tourists, there are several lakes and estuaries to sit for a long time and admire the beauty.

In addition, peace lovers can choose to laze around in any one of the 63 beaches in Rottnest Island. Since motor vehicles strictly banned on the island, riding a bicycle is your only option. Of course, you only allowed to walk.

You can stay even for a whole week to relax and rejuvenate. Quite a number of beachfront cottages and sea view hotels scattered all around the island.

Best Relaxing Vacations Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island

From Perth’s Hillarys Boat Harbour, a ferry will deposit you in Rottnest Island in just 45 minutes.

You can plan your relaxing holiday in Rottnest Island, Australia throughout the year.

I believe every country in the world; every island nation will have at least a couple of quiet getaways that promise a relaxing holiday. I intend to add many more to this list.

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