Mukundara Hills Tiger Reserve, Rajasthan

by Jane Sophia
Mukundara Hills Tiger Reserve, Rajasthan

The video below contrastingly showed the two faces of Mukundara Hills Tiger Reserve. First, the deciduous forest was shown where the trees were threadbare and the landscape, arid.

Then, the landscape changed to refreshingly cool region starting with a crystal clear Chambal River in which a bald mountain arose at the center.

Then, the video opened to lovely vistas of lush green surroundings.

This is the dramatic scenario of the Mukundara Hills Tiger Reserve.

Above all, Shall we enter the tigers’ den?

Overview of tiger reserves in India:

At the outset, let me tell you an interesting fact that the majority of Indians are not aware of.

“All the tiger reserves in India (there are 50 of them and more in the pipeline) put together are home to a healthy 80% of the world tiger population”.

Oh, another surprising information is India’s tiger reserves are attracting the highest number of wildlife enthusiasts from all over the world, including Africa, the world’s number one country for wildlife watching.

Location of Mukundara Hills tiger reserve:

Mukundara Hills is located in Rajasthan’s Kota district.

In addition, It is one of the four wildlife sanctuaries in Darrah National Park. Yes, one national park is home to four wildlife reserves is a unique feature in the world.

The names of wildlife sanctuaries in Darrah National Park:

  • Mukundara Hills tiger reserve
  • Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Jawahar Sagar Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Darrah Wildlife Sanctuary

How to reach the Mukundara Hills Tiger Reserve?

Chambal river

Hiring a cab in Rajasthan is pretty easy as it is the number one state in India as far as tourism is concerned.

Your first destination should be Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan. Jaipur fairly well connected with flights and trains.

From Jaipur, our final destination Mukundara Hills tiger reserve is 250 km away. Pre-book a cab and it will pick up from Jaipur airport and deposit you in your jungle lodge in about 6 hours maximum.

If you enjoy traveling on a train, you have to book your train ticket up to the Kota railway station. Next, hire a cab waiting for you at the entrance of Kota rail station and reach the Mukundara Hills in about 75 minutes. The distance between the two is only 50 km.


The train journey in Rajasthan can be scorching during summer. Therefore, buy an air-conditioned seat or berth.

Things to do and places to see in and around Mukundara Hills Tiger Reserve:

  • Your first stop would be the Darrah National Park gate that opens to let us see all its 4 wildlife sanctuaries.
  • Boating in Chambal river that flows through the Darrah National Park.

  • Wildlife watching

Try to spot the elusive tigers and leopards. If your patience is immense, you may be rewarded by the sight of the lithe cats. In other words, They are such a beauty watching in their own den.

They would appear less agitated within the vicinity of their home. That’s why tiger reserves created with the sole purpose of increasing their population.

  • Shoot pictures of hyena, sloth bears, Impala, and chinkara.
  •  Try to spot several bird species in Mukundara Hill. There are four rivers flowing through the Darrah National Park that provide ample prey to the birds.
  • Hiking on the Mukundra and Gagrola mountains.

Mukundara Hill Tiger Reserve wildlife safari

A handful of animal safari operators can be spotted in front of the Kota Railway station. I think they have an online presence also so that you can book your guided safari.

If you are arriving at Kota by train, your safari organizer will pick you up from the Kota railway station itself and take you to your lodge or hotel.

The animal watching in an open vehicle divided into two sessions of 3 hours each. In other words, One is before lunch and the next is after lunch.

How many days are required to spot tigers in Mukundara Hills Tiger Reserve?

Mostly, one day is sufficient. However, if you keep in mind the taste of Rajasthani cuisine served at your forest resort, you can extend your stay for another day.

Mukundara Hill Tiger Reserve safari operators recommendation

There are few good safari operators to consider. Use comment box to get more about them.

Where can you stay in Mukundara Hill Tiger Reserve?

This latest tiger reserve in Rajasthan is gaining attention from wildlife tourists. In order to cater to their needs, quite a number of staying options have come near the Mukundara Hill tiger reserve.

Some of the staying options are:

  • Kings Lodge
  • Treehouse hideaway
  • Mahua Kothi Safari Lodge
  •  Syna Tiger Resort

Food is generally good all over Rajasthan state, especially the vegetarian food.

Take a wild trip, mate, to Mukundara Hills Tiger Reserve. In addition, Don’t forget to take your children.

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