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4 Latin American Cities That Are Tour-worthy

by Jane Sophia
Latin American City Ambergris Caye

The trend of American’s travel preferences are changing. Europe tour pushed back a little and Latin American Destinations attract them. I think the American tourists have had enough of Champs Elysees, the French Rivera, The Coliseum, the Swiss Alps, the romantic Rhine River, and the Spanish beaches. Their attention is now turned to visit the Latin American and Central American destinations.

Latin American Countries

There are 33 countries that come under Latin America and each one of them can be the ultimate vacation destination because they are all extremely rich with natural beauties such as

  • Tropical rainforests,
  • Dense jungles,
  • Tall mountain peaks,
  • High waterfalls,
  • Vast lakes,
  • Stunning beaches
  • Exotic flora
  • Colorful avian sanctuaries
  • World’s best wild animals

Latina America comprises of the countries that are South of North America where Spanish and the Portuguese languages are spoken. Hence most of the South and Central American countries fall under the Latin America classification.


Starting from Mexico, all the Caribbean nations and South American countries are called Latin America. This implies the region that occupies below Florida is coming under Latin America. I wonder how the British Virgin Islands and Aruba that is a Dutch overseas country can be called as part of Latin America as they are located in the Caribbean Sea.

Let us see some of the Latin American destinations that are tour-worthy.

Latin American Destinations: Quito, Ecuador

Situated at an elevation of 9350 feet, it is the world’s highest capital. No other country’s capital is located as high as Quito. It situated on the beautiful Andes mountains.

You must recall that Ecuador region was the seat of Incan civilization. Quito is however very modern now and boasts of some excellent churches and buildings built in the 16th and 17th century churches, the most attractive of them is the  Plaza Grande square,

Plaza Grande squareLatin American Citiesand the tastefully decorated  Compañia de Jesús Jesuit church.Latin American Cities

Of, that’s a striking church! Isn’t that very beautiful? I would anytime rate it better and tour-worthy than the Coliseum in Rome. No offense Italians; opinion differs.

In addition, Ecuador is the gateway to one of the world’s beautiful islands “Galápagos Islands”. The food and drink in Quito are reported much cheaper than any of the North American village.

Tourists to Quito are highly recommended to taste the local food called “ceviche”, a seafood salad.

Ceviche Latin American food

Already, the American tourists call Quito as one of the world’s best ‘food cities’.

Latin American Cities: Antigua, Guatemala

Latin American City Antigua

Ah, it looks quaint and very Portuguese to me. Would call it as part of a city? I would not. The entire atmosphere is ‘rural’ written all over it. The backdrop of the blue mountain adds a certain charm and pride. I would be really proud if my place of living has a mountainous background.

Could that mountain be a volcano because Antigua is surrounded by volcanoes? The small city located in southern Guatemala. The city’s most prominent landmark is baroque La Merced church.

baroque La Merced church

Try to drink in the tour-worthy drinks in Guatemala,   the chilled Gallo, a national beer or licuados, a kind of fruit-based smoothie

I think the city’s living expenses can be very cheap making it more attractive to the North American tourists who are tired of paying through their nose even for a moderately topped pizza.

Latin American Destinations: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Latin American Destination Buenos Aires

That paints the Buenos Aires as a North American city. I must attribute the influence of the country’s northern counterpart though, Argentina is an independent Latin American country. It’s a big city, bustling with local as well as tourists.

The biggest landmark of Buenos Aires is the Plaza de Mayo, the city square.

4 Latin American City Buenos Aires

The impressive but not very tall buildings surrounded by neat roads.

Apart from the North American influence in the way city is developing, there is a considerable European culture that can also be clearly seen in the way the people move about the city. In fact, they would like to call Buenos Aires as the “Paris of South America.”.

All the North American tourists converge on a wide long boulevard called Avenida 9 de Julio, just to linger around, dine and do a bit of window shopping.


Tourists from Asia fascinated at the sight of ‘merienda’, an afternoon snack comprising of bocadillo (a sandwich), seasonal fruit, and yogurt. In addition, the nightlife in Argentina that lasts till the sunrise suits the global tourists’ lifestyle. The majority of the touring companies that offer a complete tour package to Latin America would first take their guests to Buenos Aires only.

Ambergris Caye, Belize

Oh yes, without the mention on Belize, a Latin American tour is not complete.

Latin American City Ambergris Caye, Belize

Ambergris Caye is one of the islands of Belize and is also the largest of them. It is a great tourist-friendly place in Latin America because of its very long nightlife. Who would not call it as a tour-worthy Latin American holiday destination where they can party throughout the night, boozing and eating but still ending up with most of the wallet intact?

The local people spend a very lazy day but they become totally transformed after dusk.

Ambergris Caye is slowly becoming a bird watcher’s paradise. Some of the rare birds spotted there are:

  • Eastern kingbirds
  • White-crowned pigeons
  • Scarlet Tanagers
  • Rose-throated Becard

If you would recommend any other Latin American city as a tour-worthy vacation place, please leave your comments in the comments box.

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