The Scary Glass Skywalk On Taihang Mountain

by Jane Sophia
Taihang Mountain

The video about the glass bridge on the Taihang Mountain, China went viral on the Internet. It already attracted over 850,000 views. Several popular websites including the Mashable, The Mirror, and The Next Web covered the news.

I am sure you want to watch the video first before knowing what exactly happened when people walked on the glass walkway built at a height of 3800 feet.

Here is the video:

When people were watching, a tourist guide bravely volunteered to demonstrate the walk on the glass walkway. After he took several steps, he heard a cracking sound beneath his feet.

Terrified, he gingerly looked down to see the cracks on the glass. On his next step, he was able to see the glass cracking live. Horrified ( or acted as scared), he fell down on the glass surface.

But he didn’t fall out of the bridge and was still there on it. He was alive.

Obviously, the cracks were only apparent and not real but the sound of glass cracking was really heard.

So, how was it done?

The prank-loving builder conceived a unique idea. He put a layer of broken glass beneath the glass panels. When someone started walking on the glass top, he will hear the crunching sound of glass and also see the cracks appear.

It was all an effect but not real; a kind of stunt attracting the tourists.

In a matter of hours, the scare vanished and the tourists including kids started experiencing the glass skywalk.

Though it is certainly a tourist attraction, not all the onlookers and even some media were not amused. They expressed their anguish without mixing the words.

However, I think the heat of the protest will cool down soon and the scary glass bridge, on Taihang Mountain is going to be a big crowd puller in the coming days.

Where is the Taihang Mountain located?

It is part of a Yuntai mountain range in Loess Plateau in Shanxi Henan (the basin of ancient Chinese civilization) and Hebei provinces, China. It is a large mountain range as it runs nearly 400 km from north to south. The glass walkway is located on the eastern side of the Taihang Mountain. It looks certainly eerie when I saw a photo of a man standing on it before a blind curve.

History of the Taihang Mountain.

When I dug further, I gasped to read that the coal-rich Taihang Mountains were formed as early as Jurassic Period. Wow! That must be about 150 million years ago! It is amazing that the modern Chinese engineers have conquered it by building a tourist attraction at a height of 3800 feet! Brilliant technology! The Chinese Government known to be tourist friendly.

I think one can see the yellow river from that height. I am not sure though.

Taihung Grand Canyon.

One can see frozen water in the form ‘ice pillars’ in the Taihung Grand Canyon during the winter.

Taihang Mountain

Image source:

300 feet spiral staircase.

 Taihang Mountain Spiral Staircase

Image via:

The 300ft spiral staircase erected long back to attract the international tourists. This ‘Staircase to Heaven’ is very popular among the tourists as the views from the top of the tower are nothing short of spectacular.


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Shruti Arora November 7, 2017 - 5:40 am

Haha that’s some prank 🙂 Btw I liked Ice pillars more than glass walk…

dNambiar November 8, 2017 - 8:42 am

Whoa! that’s quite a prank. 😀


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