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9 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Nevada, Las Vegas

by Jane Sophia

Nevada is the city of Las Vegas where people go to gamble their woes away. People know Nevada for its glitz and glamour and never-ending night scene. But not many people know the following 9 fun facts about this city of “Fabulous Las Vegas”.

  1. Nevada’s Bridges are Ranked as Some of the Safest in the Country

Although it has to work on some really old ones, the bridges in Nevada have been ranked the safest for the 5th year in a row. Although the roads need a few upgrades to meet the federal standards, the overall infrastructure of the city is the safest according to the American Road and Transportation Builders Association. Still I advise you to have some injury law attorneys on speed dial, in case you meet an accident on your road trip.

  1. The Only Airport Where You Can Gamble

Count on Nevada to have slot machines in its airport. The Las Vegas Airport is the only one of its kind in the U.S to have gambling machines in it. Before you exit the city, you have one last chance to try your luck, or you can simply try your luck as you enter the city. If this isn’t a fun fact, you can pretty much find slot machines even in the most unexpected places such as grocery markets, supermarkets, and convenience stores.

  1. Wild Horses

Since Nevada is mostly a desert, people had to use horses before cars were introduced to get around in the city. Horses have been a significant part of the culture and population in Nevada. There are still over 35,000 wild horses that are able to run freely within the city’s borders. They are protected and taken care of. The geography of Nevada has more than enough room to be a home for the horses.

  1. The Las Vegas Strip

The infamous Las Vegas strip is lit by many lights that are viewable from the space. It is the brightest place on Earth when seen from the space.

  1. The Bronze Lion

The notorious bronze lion that sits outside the MGM Grand Hotel weighs 50 Tons, that’s right, 50 whole tons! It is literally the largest bronze sculpture in the entire country.

  1. Banana Nut Ice Cream

A wealthy businessman named Howard Hughes, who was also an aviator, was very fond of Banana Nut ice cream. While his stay at the Las Vegas “Desert Inn”, he requested Baskin Robins to send over 200 Gallons of the ice cream. A few days later, he got tired of it and announced he would only consume Chocolate Marshmallow Ice Cream. The Inn was left distributing free Banana Nut Ice Cream for over a year to people.

  1. Area 51

While most people are familiar with the term “Area 51”, not many can deductively say it exists. This is said to be the best kept secret and that it is an air force base whose purpose is unknown but numerous theories exist about it.

  1. What Happened in Vegas Did Not Always Stay in Vegas

The saying goes “what happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas”, well you’d be surprised to know, this wasn’t always the case. This saying was created by ad campaigns and marketers to promote tourism in the city. They wanted to show the city as the ultimate carefree getaway for tourists and the tagline stuck till date.

  1. The Real “Golden State”

Although California is known as the Golden State for its mineral gold, Nevada is essentially the true Golden State. Las Vegas produces not only a good amount of gold but also the largest amount of minerals in general.

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