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Eating Cheaply in London-How? Budget Travel Tips

by Jane Sophia
Eating Cheaply in London-How?

London is undoubtedly one of the highly visited cities in the World. In fact, the entire United Kingdom is a big tourist destination, Eating cheaply in London is a very tough job. U.K. has everything for tourist such as:

  • Historic Monuments
  • Large museums
  • Enchanting countryside
  • Lakes and waterfalls
  • Hill stations
  • Beaches
  • Forts and chalets

For a tourist to London, there is no dearth of boarding and lodging choices. You can choose any hotel or a simple bed and breakfast inn that you can afford.

However, when it comes to eating in London, it can be very expensive. Before you realize, you will find your wallet has thinned out.

Food with the same taste and quantity varies with restaurants to restaurants. Without compromising on the quality and quantity, you can still Eating Cheaply in London.

This is how to spend little and eat well in London:

  • Avoid swanky restaurants. It is all right to visit a highly acclaimed restaurant just once but certainly not again.
  • Choose street food outlets for Eating Cheaply in London. It doesn’t mean eating like a beggar. In fact, the food scenario has undergone a sea of change of late. Londoners once considered eating food on the roadside is indecent. Now, they have changed their outlook after visiting several countries such as India, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Vietnam where street food is just top class and cheap too. London’s streets nowadays are dotted with street food kiosks.
  • Think of ordering food through mobile apps. This will save you a lot of money such as the cost of going out and coming back to your hotel room and the amount you spend on tips. Street food usually cost you around £7 per person, per lunch, breakfast, or dinner.
  • For your convenience, I have given below some of the best locations in London for Eating Cheaply in London.

KERB-Kings Cross Railway Station

Whitecross street market

Borough Market

Partridge’s food market

Soho vegan market

Market at Piccadilly near St. James Church

Better Tips to Eating Cheaply in London

Of course, there are hundreds more of familiar places in London for Eating Cheaply in London. These are just samples.

  • If you are a westerner visiting London, then, you must be already familiar with British food and American cuisine. Why not Eating Cheaply in London by trying out international cuisines such as Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, and Vietnamese; definitely, they are not at all expensive.
  • There is another source to Eating Cheaply in London. London has too many supermarkets scattered all around the city. Foods sold in such supermarkets are of very good quality and affordable too. You can eat all your three meals a day in different supermarkets if you insist on eating western food only and not Asian food.
  • Breakfasts served even in bed and breakfast inns tend to be a wholesome meal and they are also cheap. Eat a hearty breakfast and you can skip lunch. I meant a big breakfast will push you through until early dinner time.
  • Browse through local newspapers for announcements of new restaurant openings that come with a big discount of up to 50%.
Eating Cheaply in London-How?


This is a great way to Eating Cheaply in London without compromising quality and ambiance too of a restaurant.

  • “Taste Cards” are innovative ways to eat to heart’s content at any one of the 1000s of restaurants in London. You end up paying only 50% because it is a 2:1 deal.

These are useful ways to Eating Cheaply in London.

To help you further, I have mentioned some of the foods in London that are not expensive. You can survive the whole day at about 10 £.

Eating Cheaply in London:

    • Eat chicken wings or wings of a duck. They are dirt cheap. You can find hundreds of ‘Wings Bar” in London.
    • Eat a big box containing healthy vegetable salad. They are soled in almost all the restaurants and street food stalls near Kings Cross railway station.
    • Try any on the wraps and fries. The filling of the wrap varies and you can even customize the filling as the street food vendor prepares your cheap food. The warps are usually very filling when you consume the accompanying fries or chips fully. Nice idea-eh?
    • In a Thai or Vietnamese restaurant, try to order a big plate of fried rice that is tossed with chicken egg and crispy duck meat. This will last several hours.

    Try Takeaway

    • Have a plate of ‘Gyoza”. This is called ‘potsicker’ in Japanese restaurants in London. It is nothing but cheap dumplings that usually contain finely ground pork meat, lots of onions, cabbage, garlic. Ask around for ‘Gyoza bento box’. It is a ‘takeaway’ food, cheap and filling.
    • Dumplings are also sold by Nepalese street food stalls and they are always served piping hot. Dumplings can make your daily food eating cheaply in London.
    • Look around for pie and mash in the streets of London. They are cheap food.
    • Do you like kebabs? It is more of barbeque food, cooked in front of you. The Afghans make good kebabs that are meat skewers, usually mutton. Keep a water bottle beside you as the Afghan kebabs can be spicy.
    • How about a mutton pulav? Again, the Afghans make fantastic pulav and they call it ‘Palow’. The Afghans alone garnish cheap rice dish in London with pistachios. What a combination!
    • Stuffed buns are very cheap in London food area and they are also filling. The buns are stuffed with pork meat. I read duck is also used at a few outlets in Lexington Street, London. These stuffed buns are Taiwanese special in London.
    • Try to locate restaurants run by Sri Lankans. Their food resembles Malabar cuisine. The food is certainly cheap in SriLankan restaurants.

    I hope you will find this article on how to Eating Cheaply in London, useful.


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