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5 Small Beach Cities to Visit for a Relaxing Vacation

by Jane Sophia

There is nothing like a vacation to a small beach city to help you feel relaxed. Maybe it’s the salt air, pristine beaches, or warm weather that make for a tranquil setting. Whatever it is, many Americans favor going to the beach to unwind. These five small beach cities are some of the best to visit for a relaxing vacation.

Martha’s Vineyard

Martha’s Vineyard, a world famous island located about 4 miles off the coast of Massachusetts, is the perfect destination for any traveler who wants a combination of relaxation and fun. The Aquinnah Cliffs are full of hidden treasures for nature lovers and thrill seekers. Don’t forget to wander through Oaks Bluff and check out the charming gingerbread cottages and ride the historical carousel. Another way to enjoy the small island is by renting a bike and exploring it at your own pace.

Long Beach, Washington

Not to be confused with Long Beach, California, one of the Pacific Northwest’s best known secrets is the quaint town of Long Beach, Washington, nestled near the center of the Washington peninsula. From razor clam digging to historical old lighthouses, there is plenty to do and see in the area. A visit to the world famous Marsh’s Museum is a must-do activity, and it’s free of charge. It has been fascinating victors since 1935 and features such wonders as Jake the Crocodile Man and a wild taxidermy collection with two-headed animals.

Sanibel Island

beachImage via Flickr by kansasphoto

Sanibel Island in Florida is breathtakingly beautiful and a beach-combers paradise. Its unique geography traps seashells that the warm Gulf waters wash in from the Caribbean Sea. Visitors can find up to 60 variety of shells, including the desirable conch, junonia, and the allusive cockle shell. Don’t forget to spend a day at J.N “Ding” Darling national Wildlife Refuge which features scenic waterways and over 240 species of migratory birds. There are many great hotels on the island and charming B&Bs to choose from.

Wrightsville Beach

North Carolina is renowned for its stunning beaches. The 300 miles of picturesque barrier islands coastline make the North Carolina shores a beach lover’s dream. If you’re looking for white sand, historical lighthouses, and pristine beaches, you’ll especially love the town of Wrightsville Beach. It has a little something for everyone. Aside from the typical beach activities, we recommend visiting one of the numerous award-winning wineries in the area.

Cascais, Portugal

Perhaps you’re looking for an international beach town. Cascais is a beautiful coastal town about half an hour away from Sintra, Portugal. It’s located on the western side of the scenic Lisbon coastline, and it is the region’s most popular vacation spot. The town has always been a favorite with Portuguese nobility, A-list celebrities, and the rich and famous from around the world, probably because of its ancient castles and lavish 18th and 19th century palaces.

This planet ihas many beautiful beach towns, but these five are among the best. With great weather and long, sandy shores, these delightful towns offer that relaxing ambiance you’re looking for.


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