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View Traveling City Guide: 9 Best Tourist Attractions in Setubal

by Jane Sophia

The Setubal town is situated in the excellent climatic zone on the slopes of the not very high mountains, connects itself from one side to the national park Sierra de Arrabida and from the other side it borders the river Sadu, near the well-known peninsula Troy.

Setubal is founded on the ruins of a Roman village of Tsetobria and is known for its attractive alleys with its red ancient houses, its magnificent gardens and cozy little shops where you can choose a lot of souvenirs. The main attractions of the city are the Cathedral of Santa Maria de Graz, built in the XVI century and enhanced in the XVIII century by the carefully detailed tiles, the Convent of Jesus, where the Setubal Museum.

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It is a place you can immerse yourself in the fascinating past of Setubal. Discover paintings from the 16th century, saint statues, gold and silver collections, archaeological finds and coins. The Gothic Temple of Jesus, decorated with the columns of the pink stone.

The marvelous beach belongs to the peninsula of the same name and offers a magnificent view of the Serra de Arrabida mountains, which is directly opposite. The beach is ideal for sailors and windsurfers, and has volleyball and football pitches as well as a bar. This coastal section is also great for biking and snorkeling


The territory of Setubal is known for its picturesque landscapes, which open from the height of the surrounding hills. The city harmoniously blends the shape of the Middle Ages and the architectural monuments, which were later built and belong to the various styles of different eras.

In the evening time one can admire in the waters of the River Sadu the dolphin swarms, which are carefully maintained by the city administration. The mainland of this marine region is the Península Setubal, whose coastal strip is a popular recreation area for the big cities of nearby Lisbon.

Castelo de Sao Filipe

Today Setubal is a large tourist center with pedestrian zones in the old town and many parks. The cathedral of Santa Maria da Graca, dating from the 16th century, has a beautiful wall tiled wall. Above the town is the 16th century Castelo de Sao Filipe, today a luxurious hotel.

By ferry boat to Troia Peninsula with dunes and sandy beaches and many tourist facilities are the real attraction of this wonderful Traveling Destination…

Beautiful Travel Destination

Setubal – highfalutin Traveling Destination has been an estimated settlement area for thousands of years. No matter whether among the Celts or the Phoenicians, the Romans or the Moors, the place on the peninsula of the same name has always attracted people from all over the world.

Cult and tombs testify, for example, of Celtic settlement, old port facilities of the colonization by the Romans. They were also the ones who set up an early fish processing industry on the Troia peninsula near Setubal, which should give the land well over many centuries.

If you want to change in today’s Setubal in the footsteps of the Romans, you can go straight to the peninsula, where you can still find well-preserved ruins of port and industrial facilities.

In the 14th century, the economy and agriculture flourished in and around Setubal. From here, some ships took a trip to discoveries and brought the city immeasurable wealth on its return.

Convento de Jesus of the Franciscans

As a result, numerous sacred and profane monuments were built during this period, demonstrating the newly acquired wealth in their splendor and opulence. The construction of the Convento de Jesus of the Franciscans caused Setubal to soon become the center attraction of the Church. Even today one can visit the Convent as well as a few palaces and fortresses that date from this period and survived the great earthquake.

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Setubal fascinates its numerous visitors not only with its long and varied history, but also with its exceptionally charming landscape, which drove the Portuguese nobles in 16th century.

To the west of the city is a particularly beautiful and protected area, the Serra da Arrabida. This nature reserve along the coast is the home of some rare animals and plant species. For this reason, parts of the reserve must also be entered with permission. By the way: the area around Setubal is still today a very good wine-growing area, which produces interesting and aromatic white wines.

The Moscatel grapes grow in the vineyards, which produce one of the classic liqueur wines of Portugal from Setubal. For the Moscatel, a dessert wine made from muscat grapes, is famous in this region.

Moscatel de Setubal

Moscatel de Setubal considered to be the great classic of the region and famous for its amber color, the scent of fresh lavender and the intense complex flavor of citrus and dry fruits, honey and roasted nuts.

Serra da Arrabida

The production method of Moscatel de Setubal is similar to that of other dessert wines, however the grapes have to come from the region according to the quality standards. The fermentation is stopped with a high percentage of alcohol and the sweet, often up to 19% strong mash rests for several months, sometimes up to a year, so that aromas and extracts can dissolve from the berry skins.

Before the content sweet wine is filled into the bottle, it spends three to four years in large oak or mahogany barrels. Bacalhoa Vinhos is one of the most magnificent wine producers in Setubal – grandiose Traveling Destination , and has influenced the development of wine quality and wine styles.

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Are there good clubs and bars in Setubal?

There are a few clubs in Setubal – grand Traveling Destination, but they are quite commercial and have a lot of flavor. If you are looking for something more alternative one, it will be difficult to find. The bar “O Lado Negro” plays more alternative music, Goth and Metal, in “Incognito” there are Indie and Alternative Rock. The area is historically very interesting, in addition, the nature you find here is real treat for your eyes. You must eat in one of the excellent fish restaurants, you will be glad to have spent your holiday in the setubal!

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