What is a Wellness Spa and The Top 3 Spa Resorts in India

by Jane Sophia
Spa Resorts Kumarakom

We all have been coming across the words, “spa”, “wellness spa”, and “spa resorts” quite often in newspapers and social media. Don’t you think the word ‘spa’ is not very clearly defined without any ambiguity?

By the word ‘spa’, it meant a bath in a natural spring, originally.

However, these days a ‘spa’ means a wholesome body and beauty care without necessarily a bath in a natural mineral spring.

To elaborate, in a spa, you are given:

  • Body massage
  • Aromatherapy
  • Pedicure
  • Facial
  • Manicure
  • Hair beauty care
  • Exfoliation
  • Food of organic cultivation
  • Healthy and nutritious snacks that assure longevity
  • Anti-aging natural treatments
  • Waxing

In other words, these are all luxuries that we all crave for and we long to enjoy these things provided by highly skilled experts who have gentle hands.

What is a Wellness Spa or a Spa Studio?

Spa Resorts guarantee such untold pampering and charge a fortune that depends on their location.

City-based spas are invariably less luxurious and dispense you off in a jiffy to accommodate another customer. Their business depends on the number of people they treat every day.

However, there are spas that are located in rural parts of a city, on a mountain, near a lakefront, or deep inside a tropical forest. In these highly specialized spa resorts, you stay for as long as you want to rejuvenate yourself in a wholesome way by undergoing a number of natural and spiritual treatments to improve your energy, your zest for life, tune your muscles’ flexibility and develop a taste for healthy food.

Such spas now called ‘wellness spa’ or ‘spa resorts’.

How to choose the best Spa Resorts?

It is easy to choose the best wellness spa only if you know what to look for in a spa resort.

  • The food scene is the most important aspect to look into. If the spa resort offers you whole grain Indian breads and porridge, fresh organic fruits and vegetables and do not offer you the regular tea and coffee, then you can tick off one of the most important point in selecting a spa resort
  • Not only they make you eat the ‘spa cuisine’, but they should also educate you the salient aspects of eating such food to maintain and retain the top-notch health they give you when you leave the spa resort.
  • See if the wellness spa offers all kinds of body and foot massages, essential oil therapy, aromatherapy, herbal oil massages etc.
  • A full-fledged gym with all the latest exercise machines and gadgets is a must.
  • In your free time, you should be engaged in outdoor activities such as swimming, horse riding, nature walks, golf, tennis, and what not.
  • See if the spa resort arranges a physician once or twice a week.
  • The spa resort says a big NO to alcohol.

Ayurvedic Luxury Spa Resorts

You will find these ‘spa resorts’ in just about every city all over the world but the best of the purely natural wellness spas are located only in Kerala State, India.

The spa resorts in Kerala known to offer what they promise. Their methods to rejuvenate you completely use traditional and proven natural ways that passed on to them generations together.

In addition, the forests and mountains in Kerala have an abundance of extraordinary natural herbs that the Keralites have become adept in putting them to good use.

Let us visit a few of the highly acclaimed wholesome spa resorts that attract world’s top celebrities who discretely make use of the natural treatments that these Kerala based wellness spas provide.

The Top 3 Spa Resorts in India

1. Athreya Ayurvedic Resort, Kottayam

Athreya Spa Resorts kerala

Contact details:

Pakkil.P.O,, Pallom, Kottayam, Kerala 686012

Phone: 90727 21727

Athreya Ayurvedic Resort is set amidst fantastic greenery and the backwaters of Kerala. Traditionally, Kottayam is the place in Kerala that offers the ultimate ayurvedic treatment. With the advent of organized spa that offers rich facilities and amenities to the customers, the wellness spas in Kottayam attract a large crowd from all corners of the world.

Here, everything is ayurvedic where no chemical based ‘anything’ is used. Even your dental care is taken care of here that is unheard of in any wellness resort and spa.

They teach you the essentials of ‘yogasanas’ too that the customers appreciate very much

For outdoor activities, the Athreya Ayurvedic resort arranges visits to tea and spices estates, provide facilities to play badminton, and take you to attend local cultural programs conducted in rural Kerala.

2. Kumarakom Lake Resort, Kumarakom.

This scenic spa resort shot into fame when Prince Charles once visited the place.

Look how scenic the spa resort is.

Kumarakom Lake Spa Resorts

No wonder a celebrity such as Prince Charles captivated by the beautiful location. Even if I don’t require any spa treatment, I would love to stay here for a full week and enjoy the luxuries and pampering.

The Kumarakom Lake Resort is built just on the banks of Vembanad Lake in Kerala. This is one of the top heritage resorts in entire India.

This Kerala spa resort has all the works that you are looking for in a wellness resort.


North Post, Vayitharamattom, Kumarakom, Kerala 686563 Phone: 0481 252 4900


3. Vythiri Resort, Wayanad

The location of this spa resort is something out of the world. You stay literally inside a thick canopy of a forest where sunshine struggles to reach the earth.

vythiri spa resorts

There are several types of staying options that include:

  • Honeymoon Pool Villa-duplex type accommodation with a private swimming pool
  • Tree House-made of bamboo poles and thatched roof, the tree houses always booked.
  • Vythiri Haven
  • Pool Villa
  • Honeymoon Villa

The last two have a view of a mountain stream

These three spa resorts are top-notch in Kerala. You need not look beyond them for your future needs.

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