Nelliyampathy-Little Known Hill Station near Palakkad

by Rangan Badri

Nelliyampathy Forest Reserve that is also a hill station near Palakkad-have you heard or read about it? I came to know only today. Actually, I stumbled onto it while reading a post of my friend Sowmya Ramkumar in Facebook.

The image she had uploaded in her post demanded my attention. For the next hour or so, I gathered all the details about this little-known hill station that is not crowded at any season.

There are several nearby attractions once you reach Nelliyampathy that include viewpoints of Western Ghats, waterfalls, mountain streams, bird watching, and trekking through the Nelliyampathy forest trails.


Here are some of the images of this tourist spot in Westen Ghats near Palakkad. I am sure these images and videos will force you to read the article fully and in the end, you will find yourself sharing with your friends through:

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Images and videos of Nelliyampathy Hill Station


Location of Nelliyampathy Hill Station:

It is located near Palakkad, Kerala.

How to reach Nelliyampathy

The nearest railway station is Palakkad that is about 60 km away. From here, you have to go by car. The nearest airport is Coimbatore that is located about 48 km from Palakkad.

If you are coming from Cochin in Kerala, the road trip will cover the 130 km in about three hours.

More about Nelliyampathy Hill Station

This quaint and rustic hill station is part of the Nelliyampathy Reserve Forest that is situated in the lush Western Ghats that runs for 1600 km along the western coast of India, starting from Tamilnadu.

When you leave Palakkad town by car, your first destination will be Nenmara town which is located at the midpoint of your path.

From there, the Nelliyampathy ghat road begins. On either side of the road, the hill is covered with dense vegetation. You will see gangs of monkeys all along your way.

Wildlife watching in Nelliyampathy:

Apart from Macaque and Nilgiri Langur, you can spot the famous bison. If you are lucky, you can see porcupines and Malabar Giant Squirrels.

Birds that live in this part of western ghats are:

  • Great Hornbill
  • Whistling Thrush
  • Wood-Pigeon

I read about 215 species of birds were recorded in Nelliyampathy Hill Station.

The countless wildflowers attract a range of butterflies too counting to 90 species!

Sightseeing attractions in Nelliyampathy and around:

  • Kesava Para viewpoint
  • Seetharkundu Viewpoint
  • Seetharkundu waterfalls
  • Pothundi dam
  • Chulannur Peacock Sanctuary

  • Mampara viewpoint
  • Dhoni waterfalls

The sight of the falling water itself is very refreshing.

  • Palagapandi Tea Estate

Nearby attraction

If you think 100 km is nearby, you can also visit the Parambikulam Tiger Reserve.

  • Silent Valley National Park
  • Walayar Dam

Trekking in the Neliyampathy Forest

Throughout the year, avid trekkers gather at the Kaikatty point to begin their trekking through the dense jungles, teak forest, and acres of orange orchard. The trekkers’ destination Padagiri Peak situated at nearly 5000 feet!

Hotels, Homestay, and resorts in Nelliyampathy.

For such a small hill station, you have enough options to stay and eat in resorts and hotels. A few Homestay options are also available.

  • Green Land Farm Houses

Contact: 904 860 2202, 904 860 7202


They promise all the basic amenities in their cottages that are named:

  • Vantage
  • Heritage
  • Hermitage-oh, that’s an odd name for a cottage. Or, is it an apt name for cottage built in a forest?
  • Misty Valley Resorts

Misty Valley Resorts

With the backdrop of the evergreen western ghat forest, large coffee estate, Misty Valley Resorts is a wonderful hill resort where the views, the peace, and silence will make you extend your stay for a day more.

The location of Misty Valley Resorts in Nelliyampathy is a bit interior in the forest. You have to go by a jeep preferably for nearly 30 minutes to cover the distance of only 15 km.


 More hotels and resorts in the hill station.

  • ITL Holidays Resorts
  • Karadi Bungalow
  • Ciscilia Heritage
  • Whistling Thrush Bungalow

These bungalows are located amidst green tea plantation.

Homestay options in Forest:

  • Hill View Home Stay
  • Green Valley Homestay

What can you buy at Nelliyampathy hill station?

Hill stations tempt you to buy fresh vegetables and fruits that are cultivated exclusively in the western ghats. Apart from buying seasonal vegetables and fruits, you can buy spices and condiments such as cardamom.

Oh yes, you can buy varieties of tea and coffee also.

Considering the sightseeing places, trekking, and shopping, you can book your stay for a weekend.

If the weather is more than pleasant, you extend a day more and enjoy the tasty Malabar cuisine for one full day in Nelliyampathy hill station.

Inspired by: Facebook post by Sowmya Ramkumar


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