6 Places to Visit At Least Once in Your Lifetime

by Jane Sophia
The Azores

Avid travelers, travel bloggers, and content developers for blogs, keep coming across one title during their web research work. The title goes like this: “10 places you should see before you die else Once in your lifetime ”. Oh, the number of places in the title varies based on the individual’s interests but the emphasis remains the same.

I have had the required patience to click through those titles to see whether I have seen the recommended places. I must admit none of the listed places are visited by me with an exception here and there.

Well, this doesn’t mean I am not a travel enthusiast; only, my interests are different from others.

Today, I am sharing six tourist places that I and you must see, at least once in our lifetime. They are scattered all over the world. Want to globetrot with me?

  1. The Azores, The best Place to Visit At Least Once in Your Lifetime

The Azores visit Once in Your Lifetime

The Azores is an archipelago off the coast of Portugal. The archipelago comprises of 9 islands and all of them are located about 1360 km away from the mainland Portugal. I want to visit the Azores once in my lifetime mainly because of its sheer remoteness. The notable attractions in the Azores are:

  • Crater Lakes
  • Dormant volcanoes
  • Grassy mountains
  • Beautiful blue Hydrangeas
  • Calderas
  • Bottlenose dolphins
  • Sperm whales
  • Stunning beaches that are sparsely visited
  • Gorgeous lakes

The Azores archipelago is located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The added attraction for me to visit the Azores before I die is the presence f 13 Ramsar sites (wetlands) that attract rare birds, insects, reptiles, and mammals.

What else one needs to visit the Azores at least once in your lifetime?

  1. The Place to Visit At Least Once in Your Lifetime: Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro, Visit Once in Your Lifetime

The snow-covered peak you see in the image is at a height of 19340 feet! It is the highest peak of the Eastern Rift mountain range and is situated in the Mount Kilimanjaro. I am sure you might have seen that image quite often on the web. If you are a mountain enthusiast and frequently look for tall mountains to visit, the Kilimanjaro must have listed as one of the exciting and stunningly beautiful mountains in the world.

Kilimanjaro is volcanic in nature but all the three of the once active volcanoes are now dormant. In order to see the Kilimanjaro at least from a distance, you need to go to Tanzania, Africa.

  1. The Active Volcano to Visit At Least Once in Your Lifetime: Mount Etna

Mount Etna, Visit Once in Your Lifetime

Volcanoes compulsorily attract me. It is may be due to my fear of fire and I want to overcome it by seeing at least a dormant volcano if not an active volcano. However, the Mount Etna is still an active volcano. Its carter is located at an elevation of 11,000 feet approximately. Mount Etna is located in the Sicilian city of Catania. Sicily itself is a sizzling island in Italy. Look at Sicily’s the most enviable location as an island. It is surrounded by three great seas namely:

  • Mediterranean sea
  • Ionian sea
  • Tyrrhenian Sea

I also fancy Sicilian cuisine. Already I have bookmarked two restaurants in Palermo, the capital of Sicily. I want to eat at least once in my life a dish made with spaghetti and sea urchin, a specialty in Sicily. Another Sicilian food item that caught my fancy is the Pasta Alla Norma. As the name suggests, it is basically a pasta dish but it is made only in Catania city in Sicily. The pasta is prepared with sauteed aubergine, tomatoes. For garnishing, basil is used and the grated ricotta salata cheese is liberally sprinkled.

  1. The Historical Place to Visit At Least Once in Your Lifetime: Petra, Jordan

Petra Visit Once in Your Lifetime

I know many of you do not fancy seeing ancient architecture but I am immensely fascinated with these awesome and imposing ancient buildings that still stand today intact.

Petra was a temple built in the middle of a desert. It is built with pink sandstone. Are you aware of how old is the Petra in Jordan? It may date back to the 5th century B.C.!

I am more excited to see this archeological site by the accessibility to Petra. One has to trek through Al Siq, a canyon.

Al Siq Visit Once in Your Lifetime


Note: In order to see the sprawling (over two thousand six hundred acres) Petra, you need to visit three full days.

  1. The Monasteries to Visit: Meteora, Greece

Meteora Visit Once in Your Lifetime

A chill goes up inside me every time when I look at this awesome and incredible building built on top of a rocky mountain. It looks as though one would have to walk all the way to reach the Greek Orthodox church and the trekking won’t be a jolly experience. These are monasteries in Greece built to shield the monks from the barbaric Turks.

About a century ago, people used to access this remote structure through rope ladders. However, today, there is a cable car service now.

cable car service Meteora

Wouldn’t you at least bookmark this site as one of the places to visit once in your lifetime?

Angel Falls, Venezuela

Watch the video below. You are dramatically taken over a huge rock formation and suddenly you look into a very deep precipice in which the water falls from as high as 3200 feet! From such a height, it is said most of the water escapes as water spray.

The must-see Angel Falls is located in Venezuela, South America and it is the largest waterfall in the world.

South American countries are the most attractive landmasses in the world. They are home to the majestic and beautiful Andes Mountains, the Amazon jungles and a long coastline facing the Caribbean sea.

Venezuela is home to some of the most attractive natural attractions that include:

  • Isla de Margarita island
  • Los Roques archipelago comprising approximately 300 islands, islets, and cays
  • Andes Mountains

There three waterfalls I want to see before I die. Angel Falls is one of them; the other two gorgeous waterfalls are the Niagara and the Victoria falls in Zambia.

That’s it! These are the 6 places in the world that you would want to see once in your lifetime.

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Beautiful post. thanks for sharing.

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Thank you for sharing this important post.
I’ll try to visit few of them for sure.

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Meteora in Greece is my choice. I’d love to trek up that place.

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awesome travel diary thanks to sharing

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This post can make anyone interested to plan for at least once even the personality like me who dont have interest in traveling.
Very nice list.

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Great list.


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