6 Most Gorgeous and Stunning Places to See in Europe

by Jane Sophia
Lake Bohinj, Europe

They have been there always, almost hidden, begging us to explore. Ah, I know I will receive counter offers from the best of passionate Europe lovers. I must give in to their claims of the most beautiful but little-known tourist spots. A combined list of such sparingly visited places of interest in Europe may run to several hundred. Nevertheless, it is impossible to list all of them in one blog post. Hence, I strived very hard to squeeze out only 6 gorgeous and stunning places to see in Europe.

Let me assure that when you begin your research on each and every place in my list of 6 superb tourist spots in Europe, even before you come down to the 3rd spot, you will realize the rest in the list do not require your approval to be rated as claimed in the title of the of the list.

  1. Most Beautiful Island in Europe: Burano, Italy

Burano, Italy, Europe

Looks like Venice-eh? Yes, Burano is part of Venice province, Italy. Burano is actually an island of Venice lagoon. It is a cluster (archipelago) of four islands that are interconnected by bridges.

The boldly painted houses that line both the shores of the canal belong to the local businessmen and fishermen.

Apart from being the world capital of lace making, Burano is listed in the most colorful cities in the world.

It seems the Italians are adept at building leaning towers. After Pisa, here is one more, the Burano’s leaning bell tower.

Burano, Europe

Places to see in Burano.

  • Burano Square
  • Galuppi Square for shopping lace products
  • Glass factories in Murano island
  • Baldassare Galuppi’s sculpture
  • Museo del Merletto-Lace Museum
  • Burano Bepi’s House

What to eat in Burano.

The staple of Burano is naturally fish and other seafood, the most famous must-eat dish is called the “risotto de gò”. The word ‘gò’ points to a fish. The dish itself is basically a rice broth containing the fish.

Burano is reached within 45 minutes from Venice. The boat or the gondola is the mode of transport.

  1. Land Of Fairies in Europe: Isle of Skye, Scotland

Isle of Skye, Europe

Isn’t it heavenly? Oh My God! I would spend the rest of my life in this European island. True to the claims of ‘untouched natural beauty’, this Scottish tourist attraction is really unspoiled if not an untouched spot in the United Kingdom.

Not many people know (I suspect the British too) of the fact that Skye is the fourth largest island of the whole of British Isles.

In spite of a land surrounded by water on all sides, the Isle of Skye stays connected by a rod bridge with its motherland Scotland.

Though with an appearance of the idyllic Scottish countryside, it has all the modern amenities such as pubs, boutiques, and what not!

The most talked about spot to see in the Isle of Skye is Old Man Storr. No, not a human being boss; the Old Man is actually a towering rock supervising the isle. To me, it is not a big attraction but overall, this Scottish island is a hidden gem of a tourist attraction in Europe.

  1. Tranquillity at Lake Bohinj, Slovenia, Europe

Here is the most beautiful lake in all of Europe. This rank is given by me and thousands of citizens of Slovenia join me happily to second my vote.

Bohinj, Slovenia, Europe

Lake Bohinj is a sprawling water body spreading over a whopping 790 acres. Apart from the most beautiful of all lakes in Europe, it is also the largest lake in Slovenia. The backdrop of the mountain you see in the image is the stupendous Julian Alps. The lake Bohinj is one of the attractions in Slovenia’s Triglav National Park.

The nearby places of tourist importance are:

  • Upper and Lower Bohinj valleys
  • Julian Alps
  • Nomenj valley
  • Pokljuka plateau
  • Jelovica plateau

Wouldn’t you rank it as one of the stunning places of tourist importance in Europe?

  1. A Little Gem of a Town in Belgium: Dinant

Dinant, Belgium, Europe

Absolutely stunning! Yeah, it is really untouched by a large number of visitors. In fact, I would say this is the first time you come across the name Dinant-right? You are not alone; very few people have heard of Dinant that is backed by a musical history to its pride. Dinant is a trekkers’ paradise. They are given a large option of choosing over 2000 walking trails!

The water body you see in the image above is the River Meuse that runs 925 km through 3 countries namely Belgium, France, and the Netherlands.

The Dinant is famous for making biscuits. It is certainly an ideal place to relax and enjoy a short European vacation in solitude.

More over Dinant is located in Belgium’s Walloon region. Dinant is reached in about 100 minutes by train from Brussels. By road, you can cover the distance in one hour. The famous Belgium chocolate is also available in the shops of Dinant.

  1. Beautiful Kravice waterfalls, Bosnia and Herzegovina

I want to find out why Bosnia is always clubbed with Herzegovina.

Now, let me show you why Kravice is one of the stunning looking gems of a place in Europe.

Kravice waterfalls

Isn’t that image enough? Do I need to say more about these series of waterfalls that fall from a height of only about 75 feet? The water that falls is from the Trebižat River. To see these waterfalls, you need to go 10 km to Ljubuški’s south. If you are lodged in Mostar, you need to cover a distance of 40 km. Look at the emerald green pool! It would be hard to resist your urge to take a plunge in the pool. Kravice waterfalls beg you to see them. Add this place to your list of gorgeous tourist spot to see in Europe.

    1. Medieval Charm of Macedonia: Ohrid , Europe


    It is very inviting-eh? Macedonia was a result of a succession of Yugoslavia and is located in Southeast Europe. Its bordering countries are Greece, Bulgaria, and Albania. Our subject, Ohrid is located in Macedonia. It is a resort city. Its locational beauty is because of the hills on the background and the Lake Ohrid.

These are the six most gorgeous and stunning places in Europe that are lesser known hitherto. I think I am going to make them well-known.

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