11 Stunning Spring Blooms around the World

by Jane Sophia

The spring as usual has brought with it unimaginable colors in all the popular flower fields around the world. Here are the 11 Stunning Spring Blooms around the World.

Finally, spring has arrived in most parts of the world except in Canada where I am living now. The temperature is still negative in Ottawa. Asia’s biggest Tulip garden is a major hit in Srinagar

11 Stunning Spring Blooms around the World

  1. Tulip Garden, Srinagar, Kashmir

My first stop would be India’s Srinagar in Kashmir if I am to undertake a tour of spring blooms. A virtual tour of flowery fantasies should actually start from Tokyo but for a change, I will first take you to the spectacular tulip gardens in Srinagar, Kashmir.

Spring Blooms Tulip Garden

These beautiful and neatly cultivated rows of tulip flowers are in Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden.

I said ‘unimaginable colors’. Here is an example of one such dreamy color.

Pink Tulip

A close-up view of a Pink Tulip.

Set over 70 acres, this tulip garden is the largest tulip garden in entire Asia. An aerial view of the Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden will present you with the actual beauty of it as the tulip garden is cultivated on a hilly slope of seven terraces.

Unfortunately, this spring wonder has not attracted many visitors from India. A meager 50k people have visited the Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden thus far this year.

Set over 70 acres, this tulip garden is the largest tulip garden in entire Asia. An aerial view of the Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden will present you with the actual beauty of it as the tulip garden is cultivated on a hilly slope of seven terraces. It is best to book personalized Kashmir tour packages so you can include the tulip garden in your itinerary.

  1. Bluebells forest, Belgium

Bluebells is another beauty of the spring season. Flowers on trees give a dreamy look but flowers that fall on the floor appear heavenly. The real flower carpets are always a sight to watch.

Let us see how such a flower carpet looks when the grounds of a large forest ( 1300+ acres) are covered with beautiful ‘bluebells’.

Stunning Spring Blooms Bluebells forest, Belgium

Bluebell Forest

The strange shade of blue of the bluebells forest is in Belgium’s city of Halle. The name of the bluebells forest is the Hallerbos.

However, the blue carpet will lose all its attraction in three weeks or so. What a cruel nature!

Belgium’s bluebells forest is the second stop of our virtual tour of Spring Blooms of the world.

How to reach Halle, Belgium?

Taxi is the best option to travel to Halle from Brussels as the distance is just 22 km. I believe a local train also takes you to Halle.

  1. International Rose Garden, Portland

International Rose Garden, Portland

Rose, the most liked flower in the world has an instant attraction. First, its divine smell reaches us and naturally we look towards the origin of the fragrance. As soon as we spot the familiar pink rose, we smile.

pink rose

All over the world, rose gardens draw large crowds. As many as 700 thousand people visit this rose test garden in Portland, Oregon. Though the 10,000 plus rose plants start blooming in April, June is the peak month when we won’t be able to take our eyes off the 650 + species of rose flowers.

Portland’s rose garden is the sole reason for the city to earn the name “City of Roses”.

Rose lovers and professional rose cultivators throng Portland during the spring to appreciate and trade rose and rose bushes.

Portland’s Washington Park must be listed in the list of Spring flowery wonder of the world.

  1. Antelope Valley, California

Stunning Spring Blooms around the World Antelope Valley, California

What a breathtaking sight! The flowers you see are ‘California Poppies’. In shades of orange, the California Poppies seem to be wildflowers because of their tiny size.

This is another way of covering the earth with brilliant colors. Incidentally, California Poppies are the state flower of California. I wonder whether the lucky Californians are aware of his fact.

Another view of California Poppies.

California Poppies

Antelope Valley is located in northern Los Angeles County. When I wanted to learn more about this Spring Blooms, I learned more number of wildflowers cover the earth with fantastic colors. To name a few of them, they are:

  • Goldfields


  • Lupine
  • Cream Cup
  • Owl’s Clover

Owl’s Clover

  • Coreopsis


The Antelope Valley is a big tourist attraction during the spring. Apart from viewing the spring flowery wonder, you can choose to walk over one of seven trails to enjoy more colors.

  1. Kawachi Fuji Gardens, Japan (wisteria flower tunnel)

Spring Blooms around the World Kawachi Fuji Gardens, Japan

I suppose this breathtaking spring flowery wonder needs no introduction at all. This is a world-famous flower tunnel and a spectacular attraction during the spring.

This flower channel is popularly known as ‘Wisteria Garden’. It is named after the flowers called ‘Wisteria’, a vine plant species.wisteria flower

Wisteria Flowers

Wisteria Garden is a privately owned garden. It is located in Kitakyushu city, 215 km south of Hiroshima in Kyushu island of Japan. The nearest railway station is ‘Yahata’.

There is an observation platform built u above the wisteria garden that gives you a gorgeous look.

Wisteria Garden timings:

The flower tunnel is open to the public from 8 am and closes at 6 pm. Since the garden attracts thousands of visitors at a time, you need to reserve your viewing time slot in advance.

International tourists to Wisteria Garden can buy entrance tickets online.

Wisteria Garden, Japan’s official website can be reached online.

  1. Canola flowers, China

Canola flower

What a stunning yellow! You can’t take your eyes off this flower especially if you see them in large numbers n an exclusive Canola flowers farm.

To do that, you have to go to Luoping County, near Qujing City. It is close to the Myanmar border. Beijing, the capital of China is 3 flying hours away to Qujing’s north.

This small Chinese town becomes a center of tourists’ focus during the spring when the entire area is covered in bright yellow blooms of Canola flower.

See how the nearby mountain is carpeted with yellow blooms.

yellow blooms

Enlarge the image to appreciate the yellow carpet.

So, this is another spring flowery wonder of the world.

  1. Jacaranda flowers, Bangalore

Jacaranda flowers, Bangalore

The violet and blue Jacaranda flowers that light the streets of Bangalore city are the identities of this garden city.

They look lovely both on the trees and also when the trees shed their flowers on the ground below.

It is a sight to behold in Bangalore during the spring season. Though you can spot the Jacaranda flowers throughout Bangalore city, the famous Cubbon Park and Lalbagh are good places to see these violet wonders.

  1. Flame of the Forest, Bangalore

Stunning Spring Blooms Flame of the Forest, Bangalore

Credit: Rajeev K, Flicker

Gulmohar, also known as the ‘flame of the forest’ is another flower that covers the trees as well as the earth during the spring. The Gulmohar flowers’ color varies slightly from bright orange to flame red.

It looks more beautiful when an entire street that is lined with Gulmohar trees is covered with red and orange flowers.

Incidentally, these flowers are edible by humans.

  1. Commissioner Park, Ottawa

I am positive this is the best ever video that captured the delicate beauty of the tulips. I am sure, not even the Netherlands that is famous for tulip fields can match the large varieties of tulips in the Commissioner Park in Ottawa.

Did you spot the white tulips with a streak of red?

It is absolutely spectacular!

The myriad colored tulip bulbs are arranged in as many as thirty beds and the number of tulip colors is a whopping 100!

Imagine 100 different colors of tulips in one place! Commissioner Park in Ottawa is truly a spring flowery wonder in the world.

Moreover, you can see the beautiful tulip bulbs in four other places in Ottawa city, the capital of Canada.

  • Canadian Museum of History
  • Olympic Garden
  • Major’s Hill Park
  • Parliament Hill
  • Maplelawn Garden
  1. Keukenhof, Netherlands

Spring Blooms around the World Keukenhof, Netherlands

Keukenhof is the world’s largest tulip garden and the biggest spring flowery wonder from April to May. The varieties of tulip flowers and the huge size of the Keukenhof Tulip Garden enabled the world to name it the “Garden of Europe”.

This most beautiful tulip garden in the world is located in the Western Netherlands, in the municipality of Lisse, a small town in the province of South Holland.

Do you know?

Can you guess the number of tulips planted in this 80 acre garden in the Netherlands? Hold your breath, buddy; it is approximately seven million tulip bulbs!


Book your cheap flight tickets to Amsterdam now so that you can be there by mid-April when the spring season is at its peak.

  1. Highlands Trail, Texas

Texas is another wonderful Spring Blooms. There are quite a few places in Texas where the spring opens up the earth with brilliantly colored wildflowers.

Blue is certainly a rare color in flowers. However, wildflowers have their own surprises. Blue Bonnet is one such flower with a lovely shade of blue.

Blue Bonnet

Can you imagine how a large tract of land that is full of these striking blue flowers?

I believe Japan has the most number of Stunning Spring Blooms in the world.

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