Top Five Trips to Take with Your Family

by Jane Sophia
family trip

Going on vacation with your whole family is something that is truly special. It’s a chance to bond with your kids, and more importantly, an opportunity to learn new things together. You don’t ever have to stop going on these great family trips, either. Your kids will grow up, yes, but that only means you can go on more adventurous experiences as adults and equals.

Making these trips into a tradition is something every family should do, even if you can’t make it possible every year. Just having something to look forward to as a family and something you can plan together is a great bonding experience.

These top four trip types can be mixed and matched with destinations around the world, making them the perfect building blocks for you to start building your next family getaway:

Go on a Road Trip

If you want a bonding experience that beats all others, then a family road trip is the way to go. There will be difficulties – cramped conditions always make things more difficult – but you also get to see so many great destinations and have untold, spontaneous moments along the way.

Try to keep driving times to a minimum when planning your road trip. This reduces road fatigue (a killer on the roads) and helps keep the cramped conditions of driving in a car with your whole family to a minimum. Instead, everyone can enjoy seeing new places up close and bonding over your shared experience.

Visit a National Park

Camping is one of the best trips that you can take with your family, but you don’t need to rough it out when you go on vacation. National parks are huge tourist hot spots and have plenty of great places to eat out, so you don’t need to worry about trying to cook food over a campfire day after day. Some options even offer live entertainment like musicians and vocalists.

Enjoy a camping weekend with your family in Bryce Canyon, for example, and you can head out to a Bryce Canyon restaurant like Ebenezer’s Barn and Grill that offers live music, great food, and more importantly – no fuss. Even packing up a lunch is easy when you get food to go and then take it with you on your hikes.

Enjoy a City Break

City breaks are great. By not worrying about multiple destinations, you can truly focus on one city and all there is to do. Big cities, like New York City or Los Angeles, can be explored for an entire week, and you’d still have things to do. By slowing down in one destination, you can explore it more fully and take more breaks, so everyone is always rested and in good spirits throughout the trip.

Go on a Cruise

Cruises are great for families with children because they have something for everyone, and you and your kids can go off on your separate ways. You don’t need to worry about your kids because there are specially designed activities and destinations for your kids and adults will be looking after them all throughout the boat. In return, you can have a romantic getaway. Come back together and enjoy family time both on and off the boat. It’s the perfect compromise between adventure, alone time, and family time!

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