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Pantanal Travel: Brazil Wildlife Holidays

by Jane Sophia
Pantanal Travel: Brazil Wildlife Holidays

In which part of Brazil can you see bountiful wildlife? Next to African nations, Brazil in South America is the world’s perfect country to see bountiful wildlife. The world’s most talked-about place for viewing and spotting wildlife is Pantanal Amazon rainforests and it covers a major part of Brazil. Therefore, there is no dearth of places in Brazil to go on a wild animal safari and bird watching. And This Pantanal travel insider’s guide surely help you to plan your Brazil Wildlife Holidays for sure.

Pantanal Travel Guide

However, since the area covered by the Amazon rainforest in Brazil is too large, you need some useful information as to where exactly in Brazil you can watch the majority of birds and wild animals.

You have to know at least a certain pocket of an area where the wild forest animals and exotic South American birds converge so that, even half of your patient day there can be very fruitful as far as spotting wildlife.

Pantanal, Brazil

Pantanal should be your destination in Brazil where you will be simply overwhelmed by the number of mammals, birds, reptiles, and insects you can spot. Trust me, Pantanal may not be too popular a place in the Amazon rainforest to view wildlife but Pantanal Travel is simply the topmost place for an encounter with a range of forest life.

Why Pantanal Travel?

Pantanal is a wetland area. There are very few Ramsar recognized wetlands in the world where more than 60% of the area goes underwater during the monsoon.

When a wetland is visited by the copious rains, the entire area gets super-rich with vegetation and water thus inviting myriad birds, snakes, insects, and mammals. More than 80% of Pantanal is submerged.

Apart from the rain that is flooding a wetland such as Pantanal, rivers too can contribute to the existence of a marshland. Pantanal is blessed with two rivers namely:

  • Cuiabá
  • Paraguay

The size of Pantanal wetland:

You cannot visualize such a mammoth area, boss. Pantanal comprises an area of 171,200 sq.km!

Where is Pantanal located?

Pantanal map

As you can see from the map of Brazil above, Pantanal occupies almost the center of Brazil.

How to reach the Pantanal wetland region from Brasilia, the capital of Brazil?

In order to join an organized and guided Pantanal Travel and wildlife safari, you have to first reach anyone of the following four places of Brazil.

  1. Campo Grande
  2. Cuiaba
  3. Coxim
  4. Corumbá

The first two places have international airports.

Your next destination is Bonito, an extraordinary tourist center. It is a beautiful small town with numerous sightseeing landmarks.

Pantanal Travel Bonito

Bonito is your actual gateway for the Pantanal wetland region.

I think you can reach Bonito both via plane and by train.

Mind you, the Pantanal wetland ecosystem is breathtakingly beautiful and is stinking rich with astonishing wildlife and naturally beautiful places.

Look at the picture of water lilies for example:

Pantanal Travel Victoria Water Lilies

Victoria Water Lilies-oh man! What a sight!

Wildlife Life and Marine Life of Pantanal, Brazil:

Let us have a glimpse of wildlife life and marine life of Pantanal, Brazil:


The most talked about, written about and pictured animal of Pantanal is the athletic Jaguar. Yes, the title image of this blog post shows the Jaguar of Brazil.

Tourists are keen to hop on to a Pantanal jaguar safari to look at the big cat face to face.

Jaguar tourism is nowhere as famous as in Pantanal, Brazil.

Golden Lion Tamarin

Golden Lion Tamarin

What a ferocious-looking mammal! I believe it is endemic to Pantanal, Brazil. It carries another name, “Golden Marmoset”. Yes, it belongs to a monkey species with a striking mane.

There are over 4 million species of wildlife and marine creatures including reptiles, insects, and butterflies in Pantanal wetland. Obviously, not all can be mentioned here. Nonetheless, I will post the images of a few mammals, marine creatures and birds in this blog post.

Apple Snail

Apple Snail

Red-bellied Piranha

The cat species alone in Pantanal are great to spot and capture in your mobile camera.

  • Pumas
  • Ocelots
  • Peccary


  • Tapir


  • Bush dogs
  • Opossum

Pantanal Travel Opossum

  • Sloth Bear
  • Anteaters
  • Armadillo
  • Lear’s Macaw
  • Giant Otter
  • Maned Wolf
  • Capybara
  • American Golden-Plover

Where is the golden color in this bird?

My intention in this blog post is to tell you about Pantanal Travel in Brazil which is ranked as a true paradise for wildlife viewing. I certainly do not intend to post numerous pictures of birds and animals.

In order to lure you to Pantanal travel, here is a video that is worthy of watching it until the end:

Before planning a trip to Pantanal, look for Pantanal travel guides, Jaguar Safari, Jaguar tourism in Brazil on Google, choose your Pantanal Travel guide and then book your cheap flight tickets.

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